WTS 45M SP /Marauder/Dreads

Vargur T2/naglfar-autocannons II /Phoenix-Rapid Torpedo II /Siege Module II

and just can fly: Falcon/Revelation/AM carrier

In a NPC Corp
Positive Wallet
Located in Jita
No Kill Rights
2 Remap
1 Clone with mid-grade crystal set-in jita

Starting bid 35B

Jdc4 rip can offer 30b

Thank you. I am considering your offer. I am going to let the thread run for another few hours to see if there are any other offers.

JDC4 is indeed rip. 31b

32b .

The last day. bump

Offer accepted. Please transfer ISK to me and provide character information so I could initiate the transfer.

Kk give me a bit gotta biomass a slot and get the isk together

Also just to confirm you are actually in an npc corp right since the skillboard shows you in a player corp

Sorry man gonna have to back out can’t liquidate as much as I thought I could

You want me to wait or call off the deal?

It will take me too long to get the isk for your liking ~3 weeks

If your able to wait that long it’s good I just figured that’s a bit too long for you

Too long indeed

I’ll try to deal with it another way.

Transaction cancelled.TK

If you don’t get it sold by the time I get the isk ill come back with a bit more

Am I wrong? Why I see the total skill points of 36m on your skill board.

There is 21m sp now he had the 45 before