WTS 22.5 SP Pilot Vargur ready

For sale

Positive wallet
Positive sec status
No kill rights
Located in jita
2 Remaps available!

Starting at 10 bill
Buyout: 14B

10 B BO isk ready online now


10.5b B/O but decide fast, thanks

Thanks for the offer, but can someone give more?

You should be able to get >15b for this.

That would be fine.

12 bil

If there is no better offer within 5 hours, then I am ready to sell to you

12.5 B

14 Bil

15 bil

Great, I’m waiting for the transfer of money from you

account name sent via EVE mail from Nemfirot v

I got everything, I’m starting to transfer the character

Perfect, waiting for the transfer.
I will inform you when character will be received

CCP please help us with character transfer.
Seller notified me that he initiated transfer more than 24h ago but noting happend.

Please help me, my request for the problem has been unanswered for the third day. My request (1904217)

Problem is not resolved, 4 days aready.

i was browsing for chars & just saw the thread. Dont worry buddy our thoughts are with you
hope the matter will be resolved as soon as possible