WTS 30M SP Drone Specialist

Located in highsec
No kill rights
Show me your best offers


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13 bill

Eve mail also sent in game, but offering 22b B/O.

If this is still the highest offer in a week, she’s yours

Well, unless I find something else in the meantime. But thanks, and gl

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Withdrawing my offer as I have purchased another toon. Free bump, and good luck in the sale.

15 bil


lol, send account info and isk and she’s yours :wink:

165B,If agreed, I will use PLEX and ISK to trade

17 bill

how will that work then? why not just sell your plex then transfer me the isk?

175B, if agreed, I will pay ISK to send mail

are you saying 175B or 17.5B? because i’m starting to think that the “.” key isn’t working on your keyboard. i’m not willing to sell her for less than 25B really. I am more than happy to sell for 175B of course