[SOLD] WTS 33m SP Focused T2 Rev Pilot | 2006 Char

  • NPC Corp (hasn’t updated on API yet)
  • Positive wallet balance
  • No Kill Rights
  • Positive Sec Status
  • +5 Set of Implants in Active Clone
  • Character Located in Perimeter
  • JDC 5
  • T2 Siege
  • Clean ZKB - Just 1 low value loss from 2008

Starting bid at 22b

22B offer

Thank you for the offer, if there are no higher bids within 24 hours I will accept this.

Actually, I will take this 22b offer now. Please send isk + account name and I will proceed with transfer.

Sorry i got real life problem didn’t have time to check reply.I’ll be back home in like 4 hours later,could you wait for me to get back?

Not a problem. I will be going to sleep soon, so if you just send the isk and mail the character with your account name, I will start transfer when I wake up in a few hours.

23b offer

I haven’t had a reply from the first person, so as of right now I’ll accept your 23b unless he counter-offers with higher within the next 12h.

24b offer

If no other offers by the time i get home in about 2.5 hours, I will accept. I’ll check the forum thread before I get home.

which char should i send isk and info to?

To Enu

isk transfered pls check

Received, character transfer has been started.
Marking thread as SOLD thank you.