WTS 47,2 mill toon with solid carrier/super base

I’m selling myself.


Located in Jita, positive wallet, NPC corp, no corp history, 0.0 sec status, no kill rights. All CCP rules apply, I pay the transfer.

Remap available +2 bonus remaps

The toon started out as a carrier/super alt but never got finished.

  • Magic 14 100%
  • Capital armor and shield skills
  • Perfect fighter skills
  • 1,25 mill unallocated SP

Good for extracting or to finish training into supers.

Bid here, I’ll sell when I get the right offer.

35B B/O

36b offer isk ready

37b offer

38b offer

If there’s no higher offer in the next two hours I’ll take the 38B offer.

The offer is accepted, please send ISK and account & I’ll initiate the transfer latest tomorrow.

If his offer dont fall through i’ll bid 38b let me know.

You can let @Tickalsiinz take it :slight_smile:

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Much love <3

Isk and account name sent, waiting for confirmation :+1:

Isk and account received. I’ve just initiated the transfer.

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