WTS: 47,5 sp multi race subcap

Let me introduce your next toon!

Alice Noomi


This character is for sale, former super capital pilot remade to subcap

  • Skillbooks injected for super capital (Gallente)
  • All large weapons to 5 + cruise missiles
  • All medium weapons to 5 + HAM/HM
  • Leadership 5
  • A lot of injected skills
  • Cybernetics 5
  • Check out link for more!

Link to skills:

Start 35b
B/O 50b



38.5 bil

bump it up

39b offer

39.5b offer

If none else bids by tomorrow after DT, I will take your offer

Send isk and account info to character and i will transfer asap.

Character still forsale! Highest offer did not have the iskā€¦

Can do 39 bil

Deal, send isk and info and ill transfer

29 Sep 2017 21:43


Damn, I missed it ;(

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