WTS 47m Nyx pilot


Yearly Remap 7 months from now

Positive Sec Status

Will move to Jita if I get a deal I like.

B/O 55B

All CCP rules apply
The transfer will be done by support ticket if it’s ok with you.

45BIL I will buy this charactor now. Can you accept this price?


是的。。。。。你也是嘛? 游戏里私聊你了。

我上线 稍等

46Bil. I will buy this charactor.I will send ISK and Email to you in two days.please,confirm!

Offer Accepted. Waiting for ISK and account info.

ISK and Email has been send to you. Waitting for the transfer. :slight_smile:

Got it. I will create the PLEX Transfer ticket when I get home.

OK. Waitting…

The PLEX Transfer ticket cerated.
Hope you enjoy her as much as I do!

Yes , I will enjoy her as much as you!:slight_smile:

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