WTS 57M Nyx perfect focused pilot

WTS 57M Shiza Aihaken
Pilot focused Nyx
Have High grade slave set clone
Dok into jita
Have positive wallet and no killrights

start bid 48b
B/O: 55b

all CCP rules apply

daily up

daily up again

43b to get you started

45b first & final offer




hello everybody, thanks for your answers.
i see good bid moving increase. from poor 43 rise to 48.
i dont be a greedy man and say: first bid 49b i am accept
it good offer

I will give you that 49b

will send isk and account info when i get home from work in about 6 hours…

50bil - isk ready

Deal agreed in game

Will send isk asap with account name


Accept your bid

Great will send isk and account info through to you for transfer… as agreed in game. Appreciated

isk and account info received. character transfer begin

character received, this can be closed.

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