WTS 57M Nyx perfect focused pilot

(ShiZa Aihaken) #1

WTS 57M Shiza Aihaken
Pilot focused Nyx
Have High grade slave set clone
Dok into jita
Have positive wallet and no killrights

start bid 48b
B/O: 55b

all CCP rules apply

(ShiZa Aihaken) #2

daily up

(ShiZa Aihaken) #3

daily up again

(roxx01) #4

43b to get you started

(Bananaboat Blues) #5

45b first & final offer

(roxx01) #6


(Kaylee Khastle) #7


(Caitiff) #8


(ShiZa Aihaken) #9

hello everybody, thanks for your answers.
i see good bid moving increase. from poor 43 rise to 48.
i dont be a greedy man and say: first bid 49b i am accept
it good offer

(Zavara) #10

I will give you that 49b

will send isk and account info when i get home from work in about 6 hours…

(Caitiff) #11

50bil - isk ready

(Zavara) #12

Deal agreed in game

Will send isk asap with account name


(ShiZa Aihaken) #13

Accept your bid

(Zavara) #14

Great will send isk and account info through to you for transfer… as agreed in game. Appreciated

(ShiZa Aihaken) #15

isk and account info received. character transfer begin

(Zavara) #16

character received, this can be closed.

(system) #17

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