WTS 48M Subcap Pilot

Selling one of my subcap pilots.

In NPC corp
located in Amarr
No kill rights
Negative 2.3 Sec Status
Positive Isk
Neural Remap Available
2 Bonus Remaps

41B starting bid
B/O Hidden

Thanks for looking!

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I’ll start you at 41B.

How is 42B?

Looking for a little more. Almost there.

contacted in-game

Is 43B okey?

46 bil

How is 42B?

42B offer

I’ll accept Maizie Fields bid of 46B. Send isk and account info.

No response from the 46B Bidder. Still for sale.

42.5B Offer

43B isk ready to go

44 bil then.

Please respond within 24hrs. I will take the 44B bid from @Maizie_Fields.

Sorry for the delays, may be a time zone thing. Sending ISK and account info now…

Edit: ISK and account info sent. Please advise when transfer is under way.

Isk and account name received. Transfer has been initiated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Transfer confirmed. Thanks K.V.!

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