WTS: 5.2 SP Alpha Magic 14 Trained

Magic 14 trained Alpha

Wallet Balance: Positive
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clone: Only one at Jita 4-4 (Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices)
Implants: None
Character Location: Jita 4-4 (Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices)
Available Remap: Now
Bonus Remaps: 2

Skill Points: 5,248,116

Raixen Viper’s ZKillboard

Raixen Viper’s Resume (EVE Skillboard)

Starting Bid: 2B (Auction ends this Friday, November 12, 2021)
Buyout: 5B (Due to change if Bid is higher)

2b offer

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2B is the winning bid so far.

We have until this Friday to complete the auction.

The auction continues until this Friday. Bumping.

Bump :point_up:t4:

Today at 06:00 EVE Time, the winning bidder will be decided.


@WTB_All_Characters Interested?


2.3 bil

Confirm i can send isk and acc name?

Congrats on the winning bid at 2.3B i$k, @Gh0st_SK.

Send I$k to IGN: RaixeN VipeR

Isk and acc name sent!

Toon transferred.

10-hour wait starts now.

Enjoy flyin’! o7

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