WTS 5.2mil sp frither pilot

(josepe Tokila) #1

SOLD wts 5.2mil frighter pilot sp with book injected for the charon and some skills in production make offer.

(TheDancer Girl) #2

3 bil

(Sofia Artemisa) #3

Offering 3.5b

(josepe Tokila) #4

ok for 3.5b

(TheDancer Girl) #5

3,6 bil

(josepe Tokila) #6

ok 3.6b

(TheDancer Girl) #7

Isk and account name sent

(josepe Tokila) #8

ok good received 3.6b on josepe tokila

(josepe Tokila) #9

can you tell me the procedure to follow now this is the first time I sell a personal thank you

(TheDancer Girl) #10

You go to account -> services -> transfer character -> and fill the account name I sent to you

(josepe Tokila) #11

ok tanks can you send me the transfer address I deleted it I thank you

(josepe Tokila) #12

transferred character good transaction

(TheDancer Girl) #13

Email recived, thank you

(Sofia Artemisa) #14

Ouch. RIP winning the auction :frowning: Could’ve gone higher as well :sadparrot:

(system) #15

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