WTS 5.3m implanted SP farm pilot - - - SOLD

Hi I am for sale too.

5.3m SP
1 isk wallet
Located in permineter keepstar
2 remaps
+5 perception implant, +5 willpower implant
mapped to perception and willpower currently
no killrights

3.6 buyout

3bil offer

3.3 bill

  1. 5bil

3.6 bill buyout

online now to transfer isk

3.6 accepted. Please pay isk and I will confirm transfer.

Isk and account name sent. Please give me 10 hours to Biomass. I forgot had an old noobship cynoer

Acknowledged. Please post here when you are ready, and I shall action immediately.

Thank you, I will let you know in the morning.

Account is good to go.

Initiated! Cheers!

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Character received. Thank you!

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