Wts 5.3m sp (700k free sp) 2008 Gila pilot

2008 toon

  • 3 bonus remaps up, currently on an int/mem spec
  • 5.349.878 SP ( 4.659.812 SP + 690.066 Free SP )
  • Positive wallet, no killrights, no corp history, clean toon
  • Good drone skills

Offers can also be mailed to Cnda Adian in game.


Transfer will be done via plex. Contact me @CaFi#6098 on discord to get ahold of me easier.

Please read the rules…

If I’ve forgotten something feel free to let me know

ISK only

I will be using plex to transfer the character to the new owner. This is important to note because it can cause a longer delay than what is normally expected. For more information on this method, please read the following: https://eveskillboard.com/guides/transfer

…and I hit my quota for learning something new everyday in EVE…very interesting!

TY and carry on.

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OP updated to more accurate description of sp btw



I’m likely going to wait to sell until after the free sp event, now, but still accept offers

This character is for sale again, OP has been updated

4b isk final offer



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