SOLD 5m SP for sale

5m SP Old unused char. For Sale

Please Post here for purchase. Never use this char in long time.


You need to do these steps :

1 ) clean the contents of you character
2 ) Transfer the isk to other character of yours
3 ) Pause the skill queue
4 ) logoff
5 ) enter to
6 ) in the first option of the menu services, you slect the chaarcter to transfer and pay in credit card.

Note: IF u want transfer paying in plex, need get 1000 plex, and raise a ticket in the same module than the api creation, asking to be tramsferred.

Thank you Emsar if there is no further bid I will complete this fair offer tomorrow.


As no further bids have been offered, sold to Emsar Mannar.

Completing steps now,

Please Lock thread.

I send you the isk in five/10 minutes.


Sporry for the delay, my banker send the isk and acc name

Ticket created awaiting GM transfer.

Please send the api to my evemail if you can.

Fly safe.

Pilot received.

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