WTS Mimatar Capital Carebaer 24m sp

This char is only Focus to fly a Mimatar Capital

The most must have skills are all V

http://eveboard.com/pilot/blackpearl_German look at me

i have check my Price self here http://www.eve-appraiser.com/

Start bid is 18b

b/o is 30b

amount agreed

Cash waiting right now

bo Accepted i am online now and witing for the money

account info and isk sent awaiting transfer

isk returned to me while waiting on administraive issue. isk waiting when resolved

if anybody now tah can pay the char Transfer only with Money or with plex to would be nice to know thanks for answers

character transfer is only with real money.

let me know if you’re still selling this character.

Wrong you can transfer with plex. You buy 1k plex and put them in the plex vault of the char being sold. After that you need to petition ccp to transfer the char manually. It can take a few days to go thru and the length of time has gotten longer over time cuz ccp wants money of course but it does work.


ok thanks guys so i still sell this char but only over plexx

i am still for sale

18.5 billion

thx for offer but i have time and i think i can get more for this nice toon

19.5b offered

thx for offer

My offer is only good for 2h from this post

sorry dude i have time to sell him and your limited offer did not interested me i can wait 1 week or a month to sell him for a fair Price your offer is okay but not good enough

i am still for sale

I will give you b/o at 25bil

thx for offer