WTS Mimatar Capital Carebaer 24m sp

bid withdrawn

b/o Accepted wit for isk and accountname

sent isk and convoed the account name

Account Transfer start

I have nothing showing on my account saying it has started transfering

hi ayil i pay the transfer with 1000 plex i write a ticket to ccp that they start the transfer to you i have open the ticket . i thnk ccp start the transfer to you

Ok not a problem

isk are sending back no answer from ccp Transfer are stoped so i am not longer to sell


Please check this for ensuring smooth transfer (Welcome to the Character Bazaar) and inform on the following as per CCP rules:

  1. Wallet Balance
  2. Kill rights
  3. Jump Clones
  4. Character location

iam not longer for sale pls clossed

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