WTS 5.3m SP focused Buzzard pilot - SOLD


Hey :slight_smile: Looking to try and sell my scanner alt Nasty Wings, as she isnt being used much more. She is focused into flying a Buzzard or covert ships in general, cloaking is to level 4 and she has decent scanning skills.

Character is located in Jita, is in a NPC corp (has not been updated yet at tools4eve) and have a positive wallet balance.

Fell free to give me a offer and I’ll get back to you soon.

how much are you asking?

I dont know what characters are being sold for here these days. Maybe 4b is suitable?

Skills arent too great. i could do 2.5?

3b b/o…

Accepted :slight_smile: Send me yuor account name and transfer isk, and I’ll start it as soon as possible

account details and isks sent

Transfer started :slight_smile:


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