WTS 5.3m SP Freighter pilot


Gallente freighter 4
cyber 5

is currently on Perc/will remap and next remap is avail at 2018.03.14, has a lot of skill books injected, has high grade crystals in a jump clone, has neg sec status and is in highsec

bidding starts at 3b

Posted with wrong Character, confirming i am for sale. if someone buys this send isk to this character and not thread maker

Iam i intrested

3b? BO


3.5B, leaving for work soon

5 Bil b/o offer good for 3 hours

3.75 bill


I hope bidders realize that they can be attacked at any time in any system by any player, and will be subject to Concord blapping in .5 and above. Unless they have a plan to get out of high sec and low sec, get into a ship, and fix the sec status, they will be in for a huge surprise.

still available?

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