WTS 5.6M SP PvE, PvP pilot

Starter pilot


-Lvl 4 Agent’s
-NPC Corp
-Positive Wallet
-Located in High-Sec
-No Killrights
-No Jump Clones
-Neural and Bonus remap
-Plex transfer
-Security status 5.0

I’am open for negotations as I dont need this pilot anymore.

4b online now

4.25 B ?

Still for sale.

Thx for Bid’s, looking for a little more.

Still looking for a buyer.

Lvl4 missions in Raven etc.

Daily bump.

4.5bi, isk ready, online now.

4.8B and we have a deal ?

Sry cap’n, my budget does not allow me offer more than that.

Ok then, dont have time to bump each day for few ISK more. I accept 4.5 B B/O, send ISK and ACC info.

ISK and ACC info sent

Support Request #737873 for plex transfer.

All info and isk recived.

Good Luck and fly safe !

Thanks, cap’n.

Fly safe.

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