WTS 5.8 mil sp BR/DST pilot

Great starter toon for anyone wanting to go into TRADE / TRANSPORT / EXPLORATION

Industry 5
Spaceship Command 5
Minmatar Industrial 5
Transport Ship 3

Solid core Engineering skills with Electronic Upgrades 5 / Cloaking 3

Navigation 5 & Warp Drive Operation 5

  • All other sub cap nav skills injected!

Hull Upgrades 5 & Mechanics 5

Solid core Shield skills with Shield Management 5

  • All shield resistance skills injected!

Trade 5
Contracting 5
Broker Relations 4
Accounting 4
Infomorph Psychology 5 (jump trade hubs)

  • All trade skills injected!

Caldari Frigate, Covert Ops, & all Scanning skills injected!


The first 5b takes him!

All rules apply!
I receive the ISK, I pay the transfer fee

Still for sale!

5b ready now

Send it

I havent heard anything further from @ Gumzy Krango

Still for sale!

Still interested isk sent, account name in transaction details

Hello and thank you @Gumzy_Krango

I’m on the road and wont be home until tommorow late night (us east) at which time I will confirm receipt of the ISK and transfer character to your account. I will update this post once completed!

I confirm receipt of 5b ISK and have initiated transfer of this character to your account.


Character received, thanks!

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