Skill Points 5,159,587

This character was set up for Trade, Invention, Exploration, & Manufacturing Rigs. All key skills already injected, some already level 5 !

Asking 5B (ISK only)

All rules apply!
NPC corp
Jita 4-4
Positive wallet
No kill rights
Positive sec status
I receive the ISK, I pay the transfer

Still for sale.

5 B buyout

I accept your offer of 5B @DaveAru

isk sent to Phuture.
You can go ahead to transfer in 2 hours time. in the process of freeing up a slot

pm account info

I confirm I have received the ISK and account info. I’ll transfer the character later today/tonight as you need time to make space and im heading out for the day. Will update this post when done. @DaveAru

Thank you!
account details sent by mail to Phuture.

Slot is clear now.


I confirm 5B was received and character Phuture has been transferred to the account name provided.

Thanks & enjoy!

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