5M+ Explorer/Trader starter for sale!


Caldari Frigate 5

Trade, Broker Relations, & Accounting already trained to 5

All Scanning skills already injected and trained to 3s and 4s

Hull Upgrades & Mechanics 5

Afterburner, Navigation, and Warp Drive Operation 5

  • All core skills and Missile skills already injected as well as Caldari Destroyer, Caldari Tactical Destroyer, and Covert Ops.


Located in Jita
NPC corp
No kill rights
Positive sec status and wallet
I receive the ISK / I pay the transfer


2.5bil, isk ready

No thanks…

Still for sale!

3.5 bil

No thanks

Still for sale

Still for sale.

4 bil

4.5 and its yours

Ok 4,5 bil buy out

Sending ISK and account name

I accept your offer of 4.5B

Im at work and will be home late (us east) at which time I will confirm receipt of the ISK and initiate character transfer. I’ll update this post as soon as its done.

ISK and account details sent


I have received the ISK and initiated character transfer.


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