WTS 5 Mil SP+ Skillpoint farmer UPDATED 11/8

account name and isk sent in game

EXE Sold

Bump still 2 for sale

Update the info. pilots not available

Can You still use Plex to transfer?


Are all still for sale… Not sure what is wrong with Eveboard or the forums but they are all still on eveboard you just have to search there name because when you link them they dont show?

EDIT… For some reason they changed something and the links stopped working… Weird

And yes Loki you can you have to place 1k plex it the vault of the toon being sold and then petition it… usually takes less then 24 hours

I offer 10b for all 3 characters.

No thanks… that basically means i am giving them to you. At that price ill just let them lapse.

Bump a lump

Bump Buy meeeee

Ready to buy all 3 for listed price
Hacha Talvanen 3.7 Bil
Pita Funaila 4.2 Bil
Jen Uitoh 4.2 Bil
confirm this and i’ll send isk and info.

Confirmed… send isk and account information

isk and info sent

All 3 Transfers started

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