WTS 50m SP Max boost Rorqual / Orca pilot

I am for sale.
Skills: Sofi Voss Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

Magic 14 - 100%
Industrial Command Ship + Capital Industrial Ship V
Jumpdrive Calibration V
Great drone skills
T2 industrial cores

Positive wallet
In High sec
Bonus + 2 attribute remaps available

Starting bid: 40b

45b offer

45,5 bo

46b but I’m not really interested in bumping up by 500m each time - is that your final offer?

48B offer

Thanks, 48b is now highest bid

To not prolong it pointlessly, let’s set 50b as buyout price, if it’s not met it goes for the highest bid tomorrow.


50B b/o

@Sofi_Voss should I send isk/account details?

Buy out accepted, please send account name and isk

Isk and account details sent


Transfer has been started, thanks and enjoy.

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