SOLD: WTS 30m SP Perfect Fleet Support with Mining/Orca/Logistics Skills, 23 days from Rorqual

Wanting to sell this pilot that has over 30m SP, former miner, turned command ship booster/logistics pilot.

Positive Standing
Located in HS Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet
Lots of 5s in the skill tree

Perfect Command Fleet Booster
Orca Pilot
23 days from Rorqual

Starting Bid 25b
B/O 30B
Auction will end Aug 3rd


19b ready

22 bil

22.5 bil

23 bil


24.5b best offer

Daily Bump

Daily Bump

I can do 24.75b but thats as high as I can go. Otherwise my bid will be withdrawn in 24h of this post.

Thanks Absolute, bidding will close on Friday, unless you want to pay for the buyout, which I would lower to 30B if you are ready today.

Daily Bump, Final day of bidding, lowered the B/O to 30B. I will accept the highest bid above 25B, 24 hours from this time. Good luck.

Ill up my bid to 25b

Absolute Truth, I accept your bid of 25B, please transfer isk and let me know which account to transfer to. Thanks,

Isk sent and account information sent via in-game mail. Thank you!

Thanks Absolute, isk received, Transfer has started.

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