WTS 90mill sp booster/rorq pilot ( SOLD)

For sale is my indi/booster alt. Has perfect scanning skills good drone skills, decent armour skills, All core’s 5 Almost perfect boosting skills its missing fleet command 5. That is it. Positive wallet of 138,000 isk.
High grade crystal set with ORE mining director mindlink. Also has Rorqual Sovereign claim skin.
i’ll pay transfer.
Currently sat in jita. And in a npc corp. No kill rights and no jump clones.
ill say starting bid 65b

65B Isk ready



Going once at 68B

Do you wish to continue with the bid if so transfer the money and account name ill start the transfer shortly

The market has since taken a plunge. I can no longer do 68, but can do 65 and can go ahead now.


ISK and Account name sent. please confirm receipt of ISK & information.

transfer started thank you very much! Sorry for the delay my first time selling! enjoy

Character Transfer Received

Thank you and all the best

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