WTS 50M SP Minmatar Combat Pilot

Versatile Minnie subcap combat pilot / pirate with a great name :sunglasses:


49,726,146 SP
256,000 SP unallocated.
Positive Wallet
0.0 Security Status
No kill rights
Located in Jita

All Minnie combat ships upto Battlecruiser at 5

Intercepetors, Interdictors, HACs, Recons etc all at 5

Loki subsystems all at 5

Great gunnery skills and good navigation skills etc.

Good secondary skills in medium hybrids and Gallente cruiser 5.

A fun toon, but unfortunately i just have to many. Looking to sell this week.


36 bill


38 bill




Hi, i will accept your offer. Please forward me your account details and the ISK so that i can start the character transfer.

40bil isk ready now!!

hi , i am awaiting to hear from the agreed buyer. Otherwise i will open this up again.

Sending ISKies as mentioned in the evemail

Isk received and Character Transfer started.
Many Thanks.

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