WTS 19.9M SP Minnie Sub-Cap - Core PVP skills - 367k unallocated SP!


Minnie Cruiser V
Minnie Frigate V
Solid core of engineering, armor, shield, maneuvering skills
T2 minnie small/med guns, with perfect support gunnery skills
Very little wasted SP

367,600 unallocated SP
remap available, plus 2 bonus remaps avail

Positive sec status, standings
Located in Jita 4/4

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12 Billion Isk

13 bil

If this auction is still effective. I’ll start with 14bil

15 bil

16bil isk

16.5 bil

17b isk

When are you going to end the auction?I need it now. answer me as soon

It’s been one day. I’ll add a buyout of 20B if anyone needs it quick.

Maybe I can buy it with 18bil, I think 20bil is a bit high

19 and it’s yours now.

18bil isk is a suitable price, and I can transfer now.

No thanks. I will wait for more, I am in no rush.

will, I agree with 19bil o/b, but I have to sell some plex. I’ll contact you when I’m ready.

Ok. Send the isk and account name, and I will start the transfer with CCP when you are ready.

i’m ready and I’m sending isk and mail.

Isk received, but no account name in mail yet. Can you provide, and I will start transfer?

isk and account name sent .

Received, transfer initiated with CCP. Thank you.