WTS 19.9M SP Minnie Sub-Cap - Core PVP skills - 367k unallocated SP!

(Lady Vindicta) #1


Minnie Cruiser V
Minnie Frigate V
Solid core of engineering, armor, shield, maneuvering skills
T2 minnie small/med guns, with perfect support gunnery skills
Very little wasted SP

367,600 unallocated SP
remap available, plus 2 bonus remaps avail

Positive sec status, standings
Located in Jita 4/4

(Alocose) #2

12 Billion Isk

(Gattanera) #3

13 bil

(N-Light Wu) #4

If this auction is still effective. I’ll start with 14bil

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #5

15 bil

(N-Light Wu) #6

16bil isk

(Texas Hold'em) #7

16.5 bil

(N-Light Wu) #8

17b isk

(N-Light Wu) #9

When are you going to end the auction?I need it now. answer me as soon

(Lady Vindicta) #10

It’s been one day. I’ll add a buyout of 20B if anyone needs it quick.

(N-Light Wu) #11

Maybe I can buy it with 18bil, I think 20bil is a bit high

(Lady Vindicta) #12

19 and it’s yours now.

(N-Light Wu) #13

18bil isk is a suitable price, and I can transfer now.

(Lady Vindicta) #14

No thanks. I will wait for more, I am in no rush.

(N-Light Wu) #15

will, I agree with 19bil o/b, but I have to sell some plex. I’ll contact you when I’m ready.

(Lady Vindicta) #16

Ok. Send the isk and account name, and I will start the transfer with CCP when you are ready.

(N-Light Wu) #17

i’m ready and I’m sending isk and mail.

(Lady Vindicta) #18

Isk received, but no account name in mail yet. Can you provide, and I will start transfer?

(N-Light Wu) #19

isk and account name sent .

(Lady Vindicta) #20

Received, transfer initiated with CCP. Thank you.