[WTS] 50M SP Subcap Goddess with very unique name


More than 50m sp
positive wallet
no killrights
-9.4 sec status

Minimum bid increments : 2B

All eve character names are unique, they have to be.

Yeah but not all of them are Ellen Ripley spelled correctly :slight_smile:

My point is that something can’t be very unique, it’s either unique or it’s not.

I think what your mean is that it has a special name.

ChatGPT, is that you?
(You’re right tho :p)


Thanks for the starting bid!
I will end the auction, sunday evening 22:00 eve time.
Highest bidder will get it.

Minimum bid increments : 2B.

42b isk

Auction ending tomorrow evening 22:00 eve time, highest bidder will get this nice toon :)!

ok i will bite on a offer. 8 mil.

43 bill

44bil isk ready friend

45 bill

46 bill

All right guys, I just realised you can’t pay with plex for the character transfer anymore, so im sorry to annouce that I will have to cancel the auction :confused:

This has been a thing for many many years.

Well, I quit 6 years ago

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