WTS 50mill SP character

Positive wallet
no kill rights
high grade crystal set with 06 hardwirings, standard set, limited set with hardwirings
located in Amarr


For some reason eve skillboard is not showing correct SP amount actual SP amount is 49.7mill SP

Perfect leshak and Revelation pilot

All isk goes to this character, after first bid is placed 24hrs will be allotted to finish after which highest bid will win

you are still in a player corp as well when you shouldn’t be.

no hes in an NPC corp, eve skillboard is just being dumb again


id start at 30bill, but im open to all offers

no maintenance is going to be done either… its closing down in less than 2 weeks.

to the top, Perfect Leshak and revelation pilot, also Vargur pilot

since the skillboard is still not showing the skillpoints you claim you have, can you provide a screenshot from ingame of your current SP?

Back to the top

Officer Dale 27B

Confirm 27 bill 24 hrs if no one else bids it is yours

27.5B bo

Confirming 27.5 bill high bid 12 hrs left if no one bids higher he is yours

@Gurkain you have won please send isk and account info

Officer Dale I’ll match that offer!

isk and account info sent.

isk recieved, transfer started Thank you!

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