WTS 52 mill SP character

positive wallet
no kill rights
high grade mimesis, mixed mimesis, mid grade rapture, some hardwiring
located in Amarr


I am for sale highest bid will be the winner, once bidding starts 24hrs will be allowed to complete if no higher bids top bid will win. buyouts considered.

perfect leshak and revelation pilot

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I wanna Bid 32 BIL

confirmed high bid, in 12 hrs if no one outbids you, you will have won

@Glavior you have won please send isk and account info

Back up for sale, no response from last bidder

Sry wasnt home yesterday! Do u want the isk and information sent on Officer Jim!?
First time buying char
What did you need as information mail and account name!?

no worries, please send account you want it sent to and the isk to this character, I will start the transfer right away for you

Isk and information sent

isk and account info received process started

got the email off the transfer thx

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