WTS 52mill SP Character

**Positive wallet **
no kill rights
high grade mimesis, high grade amulet, mid grade rapture, corresponding implants to go with sets
character located in Amarr

EveSkillboard - Riko Hurtini

Perfect Revelation and Leshak pilot all isk goes to Riko Hurtini
Buyouts accepted, any reasonable offer will be accepted and within 24hrs if not out bid will be accepted.

in NPC corp and available

Riko Hurtini 28B

Confirming 28b offer if no other offers are posted she is yours in 24hrs

29 Bill

Confirming 29bill high bid, if no higher bids in 7 hrs it is yours!

Nice, let me know if you accept, I will be leaving for a dinner meeting shortly, but can send isk afterwards if I don’t hear from you in the next half hour

you are the winner please send isk and account info to Riko Hurtini and i will start the transfer

Isk and account details sent.

isk recieved character transfer started

Confirmation email received.


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