WTS 52 mill SP character

positive wallet
no kill rights
high grade amulet set
located in Amarr

EveSkillboard - Pokey Hurtini

I am for sale, all bids considered, reasonable buyouts accepted, 24hrs after first bid pilot will go to highest bidder.

very good utility character

Pokey Hurtini 31B

31b confirmed 24hrs if no higher bids she is yours

I bid 31.5b. If there is more than me, my next offer will be in 20 hours. Forgive me for being so stingy. I borrowed money from others

@Enou_Crendraven confirmed 31.5bill let me know when your online next and I can get the process started

Did I win the bid

yes you’ve, won…

@Enou_Crendraven you need to send isk and account info if you want the character, if no answer in 12 hrs character will go back on the market

Back up for sale, no response from last bidder

Pokey Hurtini my offer is still good!

Sounds good, ill consider this a final bid, please send isk and account info… who am i kidding you know what to do :wink:

Pokey Hurtini Isk and account info sent.

Isk and info recieved transfer started

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