WTS 79mill SP Character

Positive wallet
No kill rights
High Grade amulet, low grade amulet, Improved, and Misc clone sets
Located in Amarr

EveSkillboard - Kun Dahma

In NPC corp all isk goes to Kun Dahma
I accept buyouts, no starting bid, reasonable bids will be considered as a Buyout and given 24hrs before closing the sale.

Kun Dahma 44B

Confirmed 44b as high bid, 24hrs if no one outbids you it is yours

Confirming 44b as winning bid please send isk and account info and i will process right away

@WTB_All_Characters confirming you are the winner, I am on line now and able to start the process once isk and account info is recieved

Kun Dahma ISK and account info sent.

ISK recieved transfer started

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