WTS 196mill SP Character

Positive Wallet
No kill rights
4 jump clones
Improved set, High grade Halo, Crystal, and Snake sets with 05 augments in each
Located in Amarr


All isk goes to col pharao
Buyouts considered
Removed starting bid - Im open to all bids with highest bid winning

Bump to the top

to the top

col pharao 115B

high bid 115B, if bid doesnt go any higher in 24hr I will accept as a buyout

116B o7

Confirm 116B is the new high bid, will give additional 12 hrs if there are no higher bids this will be the winning bid

Won the bid :grinning:

Please confirm, which Character should I give ISK to

col pharao 117B

118B :wave:

@a_crazy_child is the winner please send the isk to col pharao I will start the transfer directly after

ok :grinning: :grinning:

I have paid you and provided you with the target account information by email :grinning:

Isk received, transfer started

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