WTS 155mill SP Character

Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
No jump clones
Located in Amarr

EveSkillboard - Omax1

All isk goes to Omax1
Buyout offers considered if reasonable
Removing starting bid - open to all bids highest bid wins

Bump to the top


Omax1 90B

High bid 90b, if bid doesnt go any higher within 24hrs I will accept it as a buyout.

91B Bid

Confirm 91B as high bid I will give this an additional 12 hrs if nothing higher is bid this will be accepted

Omax1 92B

@WTB_All_Characters confirmed winner at 92b please send isk to omax1 I will start the transfer directly after

Omax1 ISK and account info sent.

Isk recieved, transfer started

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