WTS 62mill SP character

Positive wallet
no kill rights
mixed mimesis set, standard, and some hardwirings
character located in Amarr

EveSkillboard - Gabriel Dayhn

I am for sale, all bids considered, after first bid there will be a 24hr period in which the highest bid will win, buyouts considered.

Gabriel Dayhn 34B

34bill confirmed if no higher bids he is yours

Hello. I like to offer 35b as an buyout.
Thank you

I will consider this high bid from @Supreme_Leader_JarJarBinks a little low for a straight buyout, in 20 hrs if your not outbid he will be yours

@Supreme_Leader_JarJarBinks Confirming you have won for 35bill please send isk and account info, I will start the process right away

. will repost

need to make a char slot free first.
I will send your risk just before DT today

have a nice weekend

Sounds good I will wait for you to tell me when you want the character transferred

a bit late but have sent the isk from my alt Banker
thanks :slight_smile:

Confirmed isk and account info, starting transfer now

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