WTS 51m Carrier / PVP/ JF pilot

Gallente Carrier 5
Caldari BS 5
Gallente Cruiser 5
caldari Cruiser 5
Can fly JF also
Most shield skills at 5
Most drone skills at 5

Plus 5 training clone in jita
High grade amulet clone for carrier

Several nice skins Golem - Ghostbird - Thanny - green demons -Isthar police skin- eagle-police skin among many others

Positive sec status - positive wallet - Good killboard

Start bid 30b
Buyout 40b

32b offer

33 bil

Looking for a bit more but if i dont get buyout by tuesday i will take whatever the highest offer is .

35b sir

Daily bump!!
If buyout isnt met will accept highest bid on Tuesday morning!

35.1 bil

Buyout dropped to 40b if not met will accept highest offer in the morning.

Ill buyout 40b

Sold to ItsFluffy000

I am going to send you an eve mail with details

Isk Sent

Isk recieved and will start transfer tomorrow as agreed upon in email.


15 Sep 2022 00:05

Transfer Character

Payment Method

Account Information

Transfer Character


All prices shown in USD

Charc transferred

Character received thank you

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