[SOLD] WTS 37.3M SP Supercarrier Pilot - Nyx / Gallente Carrier V

Gallente Carrier V
Heavy Fighters V
Jump Drive Operation V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Jump Fuel Conservation IV

In NPC corp
No Kill rights
Wallet balance : 0
Character location : Jita IV-4

One Jump Clone: High-grade Amulet in 4-HWWF
One Jump Clone: +5 implant set in 4-HWWF
One Jump Clone: Mid-grade Ascendancy in 3A1P-N


20 bil

25b offer

26b offer

Bump !


27 bil

28b offer


I accept your offer. If you still need this Character , please pay isk and send email.

I have used the character bear Industry to pay isk. Email has been sent

Sorry, you may need to wait a little longer, the character transfer page does not open.

OK, Please inform me when the transfer start

The character transfer website is not open, I will keep trying, if you find the website can be opened, please inform me as soon as: Kakkoi

The transfer has begun。

I have received the chaaracter. Have a good day

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