WTS 24.7M SP FOCUS super Carrier NYX

sell myself ,I pay [Transfer Character]
Gallente Carrier LV5
Fithters LV5


I’ll offer 23bil as it’s lacking tanking skills and some jump skills are low

nonono,JDC4 is not low,
very important skill is Gallente Carrier LV5
LV5 can up all ur DPS, HP,SPEED,Command bouns,
a big step! :wink:

Focused pve character maybe…

Yeah I can do 23bil. Carrier V is nice but it lacks too many other skills to be used effectively for PvP

24B ,it will be urs
I Transfer character now

24B ,it will be urs
I Transfer character now…

I’m at work just now so won’t be able to do anything until 20:00 eve time. I’m looking at another character in the mean time. I will confirm the price at 20:00 unless there is further bids

The first to send 24b to me,it will be urs,

I offer the 24 bil contact me in game I will be available to get this done for the next 15 minutes

accepted pls make payment and ill start transfer. Please mail me account to transfer too

Isk sent please confirm receipt

account information and isk received. initiating transfer

wait a sec, a little lag


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