• Excellent Damage and EHP for Nyx
  • T2 Heavy Fighters
  • JDC IV (V instant with free SP)
  • Fighters IV (V in 2 weeks or instant with free SP)
  • +5 implants
  • Perfect support skills
  • 2M Free SP!

Located in Perimeter
No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet

Looking for offers 28B+

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20b offer

1kwSkill == 10B. …2.2kWSkill == 28B+ ???。

22 bil

22.1 bil

23 bil

How is 24b?

Thank you all for the offers. We’re not there yet

sorry dude but for a 22m SP toon your not going to get 28b

Thanks for the input.
A simple search will show this markup is very reasonable for any decent Nyx toon, they sell for much higher prices regularily.
For now I politely ask you to keep this thread for bids only.
I have patience and will wait for the right buyer.

a decent nyx toon? cant even use regular fighters lmao

Galente Carrier 4
no light/supportfighter skills

i wouldnt put this even on a shitty thanatos.

i offer 10b for the name
good name
i like name
I like semen and makaroni

but alas… the skills are a bit lack luster

Replace the price, I am up to 25b. Because your skill point is really a bit low.


T2 light fighters - 1 week away
JDC V - Instant with 2M free SP

27b in-game offer received
Thanks for all offers guys, almost there

28b。Can not wait anymore

Please send isk and account info when ready

I transfer isk and send my account name to you in game mail.

Will initiate transfer when I get home in 1 hour

slot is open and ready