WTS 51m SP toon, Heavily spec'd into exploration/missiles/Cov Ops/Drones etc

Looking to sell this boy here, I used him to solo c2’s for a long while.


Security Status: 0.2
Wallet: 0.0 isk
Location: Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
Kill Rights: None
Corp: Currently set to NPC corp

any offers?


36 Billions


37 billions


41 Billions


43 Billions


45 billions


sold for 46 bill to Silvery Snail, if you could please transfer the credits to my other character Ruric (Who will post on this board in just a moment), it would be much appreciated. Ready to transfer at your request :smiley:

This here be Ruric

i am on the way home.will post here after isk and account info sent

ISK and account info sent .plz check

Isk Received, character transferred to name provided in in game mail.

character received

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