WTS - 51mil SP - Perfect Hel Char

WTS: Pesckevich

  • Positive Wallet
  • No Negative History
  • No Kill Rights
  • Minmatar Carrier V
  • Heavy Fighters V
  • 2bil + Ascendency Clone
  • Activated SKINS

Looking for offers over the 60bil mark.

Contact me on Discord - Jarack#0367



40b and im being generous

He should take the 40b and run, he will never find a better offer.

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Hello I have messaged you on Discord and in game, If you are still interested in selling this char Please contact me on discord I am Definitely Interested.


offer 67 bil as discussed.

67bil accepted. Please email me ingame with the account you wish to send the character to and send the isk to Pesckevich

Isk and mail sent.

ISK recieved. Character being transferred to the requested account.

Awsome apprecaite it

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