** WTS 52.2M SP PVP/CAP Cal(39%)/Gal(29%)/Min(30%)

Make me an offer. Open to trade.

EVE Board: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Starlixum
Password: Access123

Character has not been used in over a year, or more. Primarily 0.0 based.

Please read the character bazaar forum rules to see if your character meets those like it has to be in an NPC corp etc…

Also I am confused about 1.8 bil in wallet. You wallet has to be positive as in >0 which can be 0.01 or w/e

Please explain this item as well as in what do you mean by that

Deal accepted in game. Once in NPC corp and ruled fixed to align with CCP. WIll send isk and account info

Confirming deal has been reached with Elaine Raven.

Isk and account info sent

Transfer of character initiated.