** WTS 52.2M SP PVP/CAP Cal(39%)/Gal(29%)/Min(30%)

(Starlixum) #1

Make me an offer. Open to trade.

EVE Board: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Starlixum
Password: Access123

Character has not been used in over a year, or more. Primarily 0.0 based.

(Gravel Arnst) #2

Please read the character bazaar forum rules to see if your character meets those like it has to be in an NPC corp etc…

Also I am confused about 1.8 bil in wallet. You wallet has to be positive as in >0 which can be 0.01 or w/e

Please explain this item as well as in what do you mean by that

(Elaine Raven) #3

Deal accepted in game. Once in NPC corp and ruled fixed to align with CCP. WIll send isk and account info

(Starlixum) #4

Confirming deal has been reached with Elaine Raven.

(Elaine Raven) #5

Isk and account info sent

(Starlixum) #6

Transfer of character initiated.