WTS 52 Mio Supcap/Capital Pilot


Barticularities the Char


Amarr Frigate lvl 5
Minmatar Frigate lvl 5
Gallente Cruiser lvl 5
Amarr Cruiser lvl 5
Caldari Destroyer lvl 5
Minmatar Destroyer lv 5

Caps Ships

Minmatar Dreadnought lvl 3
Amarr Dreadnought lvl 4
Caldari Carrier lvl 4
Gallente Carrier lvl 3
Minmatar Carrier lvl 4
Wyvern lvl 4
Hel lvl 4
Nyx lvl 3


Small all lvl 5
Medium all lvl 5
Large: Projectile lvl 5 Large Energy lvl 5
Capital Energy lvl 3
Capital Projectile lvl 3

Make me an offer

Start is 20B

35bil available now

38 bil

40 bil

46b b/o


no answer receive

I take gladly new deals at

Isk and account info send as per agreement ingame

Just read your mail ingame, no worries, the plex transfer is relatively quick

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