WTS 50mil pilot for 45bil!


Amarr Cruiser - 5
Amarr Frigate - 5
Caldari Cruiser - 5
Caldari Frigate - 5
Gallente Battleship - 5
Gallente Cruiser - 5
Gallente Frigate - 5
Minmatar Cruiser - 5
Minmatar Destroyer - 5
Minmatar Frigate - 5
Precursor Destroyer - 5
Recon Ships - 5

No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet
No active jump clones
Located in Jita
-1.62 Sec status

Starting Bid 40b
B/O 45b

All CCP Rules Apply

43 bil here

45 bil

Thank you, I accept your offer to buy my character, I look forward to the transfer of ISK and information about the account to which you will need to make a transfer. Payment of transfer will be made for PLEX.

I updated the link to my character.

Bid retracted. The fact that the skillboard page was revoked until I contacted you in-game raises a red flag for me. PLEX transfers are also currently taking too long to be processed.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

It’s okay, I will wait for other suggestions.

Waiting for your bets gentlemen. BO lowered a total of 45b! Hurry up to buy!

Here I am.
45b buyout.
Wait for your reply and transfer isk and account.

Can not wait anymore
so I transfer isk and send my account name to you in game mail.
now ,waiting for your transfer through PLEX. I can wait, that’s okay.

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