WTS 52M SP Character Mining and Hauling Focused


Positive Wallet, No Kill Rights, No Jump Clones, And Located in Jita IV - 4

Give me a bid and be reasonable please.

B/O: 45B

Daily bump

Drake117 28B

Too low for me

Daily Bump


29 bil

Can you do 30?

30b offer

30.5 bil

31b offer

Offer accepted send isk to Drake and ill start the process

Also send the account info to transfer too

withdraw my offer
Seems like the GM always forbid me to give you large amount isk since my account was not birth long enough for them.

I already submit a ticket to GM.
Sorry about that, my account current locked ( ban). can’t finish the deal with you.

Can you do 31?

Can you do 31?

Yes, 30 B offer

Send isk too drake and account info and I’ll start transfer

done +

Transferring now, Thank you!