Wts 54sp DracuIa

cheers for the offer

2022.06.20 16:31

thank you offer, ISK sent 30B in game time 2022.06.20 16:31 , and sent my account in message.
please transfer.

Sorry i did not accept your offer, isk will be sent back when im home

i think cheers for my offer… sorry . i speak english so bad

No problem, 32b is my price but thanks

this account 53m skill 29b offer .

please 30b

Im just going to extract his skill points and keep him as a scout. Unless i get 32b.

If your want to sell 30B, I can wait 3 days。 30b ISK save wallet immediately.

32B offer
I can close the deal as soon as possible

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33b B/O

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Accepted Juan 3 hours to transfer isk

33.5b offer

Please send a mail to Juan Solo XV ingame, and I will transfer the isk immediately.

Can i offer 34b?

Hi Dracula, have you completed deal with that? If you haven’t completed it, i can give you a new offer with 34b and transfer immediately.

35B B/O, immediate transfer.

35.5b offer

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36B offer

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Offer accepted Ingame.


ISK and Account Details sent.

Isk recieved. Transfer started