WTS 53mil SP NYX and Rorqual pilot (SOLD)

Located in 0.7 Abudban,
Positive wallet.
No Killrights
5.0 Sec Status

This character is for sale at a 30bil buyout.

My guy this can’t fly a hel

I think he meant wyvern lol

20b offer

Kino Mercedess 25B

26b offer

26.5b offer

27 b offer

Little bit more. I reduce buyout to 30bil

28b offer!

28.5b I don’t have any more money

in that case i do 29.

accepted. please message Kino in game and we can start the proceedings

biomass to clear character slot will complete in 10 hours. trade accepted.

process complete. may commence transfer

Transfer completed. Please confirm when character will arrive

Character received. Transfer completed. o7

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