WTS 55kk SP Focused PVP char




45 bil

waiting 24 hours. if there are no other bets then your offer 45kkk is accepted


47 bil

well sold for 47bil. send money to Pith Extermenator. When will send write here. I will immediately make a transfer

with a successful purchase. On the Char have a ships somewhere at 10-15kkk minimum

I sent the money, please start the transfer, the account in the letter in the game.

Pith Extermenator Money transferred to this character

ships don’t count in character transfers FYI

really? i dont know

Can you unsubscribe me in the game from the character that I buy?

of couse

if everything is fine, please confirm that you have started the character translation

I will start the translation after receiving isk. you’re not responding to chat

Чат прими блин

еще раз конвайни

короче Sandr Mor сам кинь конво

чувак я типа спать хочу =)